The Seagull

By Anton Chekhov, translation by Peter Carson. In collaboration with The HOT BLOODed Theatre Company and The Rocks Pop Up Project.
Shop 2.03 George Street, The Rocks, March 18-28, 2015
With Alison Bennett, Daniel Csutkai, Celia Morrow,Jade Fuda, Julian Pulvermacher, Mitchell Bowker, Milan Pulvermacher, Ross Scott, Maxine Appel-Cohen & Anthony White
This show was an experiment in text and ensemble practise created with the support of the Woollahra Council Artist’s Residency.
The cast have worked together (and without a director) for some time, exploring the character dynamics in Chekhov’s play. The result is a production that’s a joy to watch. The reactions of the actors alone are worth the admission price. These are fascinating performances. Theatre Red
This was a marvellous piece of chamber theatre…All the nuances of Chekhov’s wonderful text came through as the cast weaved their way around the audience. Sydney Arts Guide
Julian Pulvermacher, Milan Pulvermacher, Maxine Appel-Cohen, Alison Bennett, Anthony White, Daniel Csutkai, Julian Pulvermacher, Photo Credit: Adam North Photography

Jade Fuda, Photo Credit: Adam North Photography