Smart, physically crisp and drilled, cynically intelligent and funny, Hurrah Hurrah pulls it off.  Kevin Jackson

⭐⭐⭐⭐ The action is tight, the ensemble work superb, there’s drama aplenty as we see the intoxication of profit, greed, cocaine, questionable ethics and best of all, trying to make a billion dollars with other people’s money. Clayton Werner, The Clothesline (Adelaide)

TRADE was initially inspired by the fall of French rogue trader Jerôme Kerviel who lost €5 billion in illegal futures trading. Who was to blame? The banks? The individual or the consumers? TRADE is a fast paced, highly choreographed show that takes the audience on a journey from finger pointing to introspection. How responsible are you?

Devised over two years by Dymphna Carew, Alison Bennett, Mathias Olofsson, Alicia Gonzalez, Melissa Hume, Melissa Lee Speyer, Maria Alfonsine, Josephine Starte, Alison Windsor, Cheyne Fynn and Naomi Livingstone.


Directed by Alison Bennett, Movement Direction by Dymphna Carew, Sound by Maria Alfonsine, Script advice by Melissa Lee Speyer, Performed by Alison Bennett, Dymphna Carew, Melissa Hume, Mathias Olofsson and Alicia Gonzalez, SM, rigger and operator: Maria Spataro

Adelaide Fringe, Bakehouse Theatre Studio:Mon 27th Feb-Sat 4th March,7pm

The Old 505 Theatre, Sydney:Wed 4th-Sat 15th April,8pm

Melissa Hume, Dymphna Carew, Alison Bennett, Mathias Olofsson, Alicia Gonzalez,
Photo Credit: Andrew May          Flyer Design: Curly Fries


Performed at the Old 505 Theatre as part of ‘Freshworks’ by Alison Bennett, Dymphna Carew, Cheyne Fynn, Naomi Livingstone, Alison Windsor and Nicola Frew.

I haven’t been this thrilled by an ensemble of performers since I can remember. Hurrah Hurrah have done what I passionately wish I would see more of in terms of theatre practice and creativity from independent artists.     Stevie Zipper, May 2015

 What Hurrah Hurrah do well is take the essence of the idea and play with its physical form to create committed, interesting characters with intensity and dimensions.                                                                                                                             Jane Simmons, May 2015

Cheyne Fynn,Alison Windsor,Alison Bennett,Naomi Livingstone,Dymphna Carew, Photo Credit: Hayden Anderson

TRADE was created with the generous support of Spark Youth Theatre Creative Exchange Residencies, Shopfront Contemporary Youth Arts, Site & Sound Festival Development Residency, Woollahra Council Artist’s Residency and the ongoing support of The Old 505 Theatre.