Roomba Nation

July 4-21, The Old 505 Theatre

$45 Premium Adults* / $40 Adults / $30 Concession, Industry & Under 30 / ‘Pay what you want’ Previews



Pippie finds herself in the ward from which patients don’t usually return.  She is in the care of a crack team of clownesque care bots who attend to her every need. They even provide the entertainment. How convenient! The Doc will use any technological means to cure the next big disease that she is increasingly obsessed with diagnosing. Nursie, the last of the human carers, struggles with the technological takeover as she determines that what Pippie really needs is not another robot. Pippie has her own secrets though. In this medical wonderland of technological advancement, is she really sick or is she just… dying?

After the acclaimed TRADE in 2018, Hurrah Hurrah returns with its unique mix of crooked comedy, choreography and pathos. This time though, the team have hacked a set of robotic vacuum cleaners to take over the stage and torment their human counterparts.  Roomba Nation is a playful and surprising look at how we live, how we die and what technology should do… not just what it can.

Concept: Alison Bennett

Director: Felicity Nicol

with Nick O’Regan, Kate Walder and Alison Bennett

Design: Duncan Maurice

Devised by:

Felcity Nicol, Nick O’Regan, Ruudi Hendrix, Moreblessing Maturure, Tom Caley, Jac Marriot, Melissa Hume, Alison Bennett & Aslam Abdus-samad