What we do

Hurrah Hurrah makes theatre. Hurrah Hurrah makes theatre that questions things and gets into the nooks and crannies of what is accepted behaviour. Including theatre itself. Sometimes the questions we find can be hard so we like to infuse our work with comedy and silliness and clowns and a pinch of tragedy. We like to experiment and see what happens when we bring together different ingredients: text and movement, real and un-real, props and bare stages, space and compression. It can take quite a while to make our work and there will often be many artists involved even if they don’t all perform.

D4_2631Cheyne Fynn, Photo Credit: Adam North Photography

Hurrah Hurrah is curious so we like to involve the community we’re creating in. We try to think of new ways to do that while we’re creating. We think everyone deserves to be a part of theatre. In 2017 we made a first small step towards a culture of significant touring by performing in Adelaide. Now we’re working towards finding ways to tour as much as possible. So we can meet people. Create with people. Perform for people.


D4_2734Alison Windsor’s arm, Alison Bennett, Dymphna Carew, Cheyne Fynn’s foot,  Photo Credit: Adam North Photography