Hurrah Hurrah has worked with a lot of artists. We ask a lot of them. Actors need to be directors, and writers need to be movers, movers need to be writers, musicians can do some acting, painters might have to sing. We collaborate. We try and engage artists in their entirety. Everyone has the thing that they do, acting or singing. We ask our artists to bring everything they’ve got. To have an opinion. To not mind when they’re opinion is not the idea that gets used but to have it anyway.

Hurrah Hurrah was founded by Alison Bennett in 2013. She was inspired by her physical training at the Le Coq School of Theatre but also by a Belgian Company called tg STAN that broke her heart with their extraordinary process for performing text. She wanted to experiment with these elements. She learnt a lot.

Along the way she met some incredible artists and some super special ones that will be around forever.

Dymphna Carew is one of those. She worked on TRADE for over two years. She trained at Le Coq and can make any sequence of movement look like magic. She was a professional dancer before and has movement directed and choreographed A LOT. She is a brilliant devisor and creator and now she is even studying psychology at university.

Curly Fernandez is another one. He hasn’t even been in a Hurrah Hurrah show but his influence is enormous and his commitment to ignoring rules is at the heart of Hurrah Hurrah. He is Artistic Director of The Leftovers Collective as well as Blood Fest: Kids Horror Film Festival.

There are loads of artists that have worked with us and generously let us see inside their souls. We keep trying to make new things and work with everyone again and again. They are (so far):

Alison Windsor
Cheyne Fynn
Naomi Livingstone-NYC
Melissa Hume
Nicola Frew
Maria Spataro
Mathias Olofsson
Maria Alfonsine
Josephine Starte
Alicia Gonzalez
Melissa Lee Speyer
Daniel Csutkai 
Jo Turner
Milan Pulvermacher
Maxine Appel Cohen
Julian Pulvermacher
Ross White
Jade Fuda
Cecilia Morrow
Mitchell Bowker
Zoe Hu
Taylor Allen

Karena Thomas