Hurrah Hurrah has worked with a lot of artistes. We ask a lot of them. Actors need to be directors, and writers need to be movers, movers need to be writers, musicians can do some acting, painters might have to sing. We collaborate. We try and engage artists in their entirety. Everyone has the thing that they do, acting or singing. We ask our artists to bring everything they’ve got. To have an opinion. To not mind when they’re opinion is not the idea that gets used but to have it anyway.

Alison Bennett

Hurrah Hurrah was founded by Alison Bennett in 2013. On returning to Australia after training in France, she was eager to experiment with all she had learned there as a physical performer. She launched the Experiments in Text to do just that, experiment with text and ensemble practise heavily influenced by Belgium’s tg STAN and the work of Jacques Le Coq. Then she launched the new creations making whole new works from scratch.

Alison also has a particular interest in theatre for children and young people. She has performed with Drop Bear Theatre in The Magic Hat at Casula Powerhouse. She has also created works of theatre with ESL students at Langues-en Scène in Paris and has facilitated workshops at ATYP, NIDA, Shopfront, Casula Powerhouse, Jigsaw Arts (UK), Organics Arts (UK). She had been a mentor for Spark Youth Theatre for young artists affected by mental health issues and is a regular collaborator/performer on Creative Play and Digital Education at the Sydney Opera House. As an actor she is known for Zelos (Painted Gate Pictures), TROUPE (Dream Time Pictures UK for Bestival Music Festival), Join the Dots (Japan Tour for Sydney Opera House), This is Not Mills and Boon (Glorious Thing Theatre Co.), Roadkill Confidential (Lies, Lies & Propaganda) & Macondo’s Clothesline (Marquez Laundry Theatre at NIDA Independent). She is a regular performer with the Leftovers Collective. She has also worked as producer for PACT Centre for Emerging Artists on Rapid Response Team and is a Program Manager at NIDA Open. She has a Bachelor of Performing Arts (Drama) from Monash University and trained at the Lecoq School of Theatre in Paris.

Dymphna Carew HS

Dymphna Carew

Dymphna Carew is a founding member of Hurrah Hurrah. She is a theatre maker, actor,choreographer and movement director. A graduate of École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq, she was movement director and performer for TRADE as well as creating, developing and performing ‘Rapoonzel’  commissioned by the Sydney Opera House (Summer At The House 2017).  Her theatre credits include Orpheus (Lies Lies and Propaganda), Notes from Underground (Choreorapher, Sydney Chamber Opera Company) Animal Farm (Choreogrpaher, ATYP) Macondo’s Clothesline (Marquez Laundry Theatre Company), Tap Works No Restrictions (dir. Caroline Kasper), Countdown Spectacular (national tour, dir. Jacqui Testo).



Curly Fries

Curly Fries is an artistic adviser and principal collaborator to Hurrah Hurrah. His commitment to ignoring rules is at the heart of our work. He is also Artistic Director of The Leftovers Collective & Blood Fest: Kids Horror Film Festival. He is an actor with companies such as Sport for Jove, Grin and Tonic and the Sydney Opera House. He recently appeared in and produced the critically acclaimed Blue Beard as part of Bondi Feast and is other wise known as Dr. I Don’t Know with the Humour Foundation. He is developing a program for young people in the Northern Territory with Poetry in Action and he has a significant teaching practise. For more information click here.

There are loads of artists that have worked with us and generously let us see inside their souls. We try to spread the love and keep it in the family all at the same time. They are (so far):

Alison Windsor
Cheyne Fynn
Naomi Livingstone-NYC
Melissa Hume
Nicola Frew
Maria Spataro
Mathias Olofsson
Maria Alfonsine
Josephine Starte
Alicia Gonzalez
Melissa Lee Speyer
Daniel Csutkai 
Jo Turner
Milan Pulvermacher
Maxine Appel Cohen
Julian Pulvermacher
Ross White
Jade Fuda
Cecilia Morrow
Mitchell Bowker
Zoe Hu
Taylor Allen

Karena Thomas