Bouffon & Devising Workshop with Jo Turner

29th April to 1st May 2016 / 10 am to 4pm each day
Leichardt Town Hall and Shopfront Contemporary Arts
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Join the Hurrah Hurrah Company for a contemporary Bouffon and devising workshop.

Led by master Clown and Bouffon teacher, actor and director Jo Turner, this 3 day workshop is a highly physical exploration of traditional Bouffon and grotesquerie and how it translates to a modern theatre making context.

The Bouffon is at the source of all subversive creation. It mocks, teases, tears down and satirises, all in the name of shaking up the system. The Bouffon gives power to those who have none.

Exploring the famous techniques of Jacques Lecoq and Phillipe Gaulier, based in play and creation, you will work in a band of Bouffons, discovering the source of their mystery and power.

This workshop aims towards implementing this style in the creation of new work. A work that while removed from the original Bouffon grotesquerie will have at its heart the same cheeky desire to bring the pillars of power to their knees. Or at the very least reveal them for what they truly are.

Due to the nature of the work, places are limited!

For actors, theatre makers, writers and directors who are interested in expanding their stylistic repertoire.

A weekly meet for theatre makers, performers and creatives to come together and train, share skills and develop our community.

It is focused on physical approaches to creating performance and ways of working as an ensemble. Each week will revolve around a focus such as character, space or object play. Each session will begin with a warm up, an exercise, a session on improvisation for creation and a chance to create a short piece of performance for feedback.

As the weeks progress, we will shape the meet to suit the group integrating the ideas of the collectif and extending the work of one week into the next. It is for professional working artists who are interested in expanding their skills and developing their community. It is not for beginners or those who’d like to try something new.

Open minds, focus, commitment and energy are pre-requisites. Previous experience and/or training is required.