Quite honestly THIS is the kind of theatre I have been parched to see more of in our independent circuit...
they have done what I passionately wish I would see more of in terms of theatre practice and creativity from independent artists.

Stevie Zipper May 2015

4th and FINAL development as Part of Site and Sound Festival and in Conjunction with Shopfront Contemporary Arts

Industry Showing

Saturday 21st May, 3pm (drinks served from 2.30pm)

Leichardt Town Hall, 107 Norton Street Leichardt 2040

Originally created and performed by

Dymphna Carew, Alison Windsor, Cheyne Fynn, Naomi Livingstone and Alison Bennett

Now being re-developed by

Josephine Starte, Mathias Olofsson, Alicia Gonzalez, Dymphna Carew and Alison Bennett

TRADE is a highly physical and stylised exploration of the engine that keeps the world turning: money. It has taken years of research and development with support from Woollahra Council, Ashfield Youth Theatre, Leichardt Council and Shopfront Contemporary Arts.

Through bouffon and object play, we explore Delta 1, the hedge fund trying to kill through investment. Hilarious and dark, it will make you laugh out loud... and uncomfortably.