"I am writing a play which I shall probably not finish before the end of November"

"It is always a joy to see actors working on their craft with great devotion. They put heart and mind into making magic happen...""

Suzy Goes See, March 2015

"This was a marvelous piece of chamber theatre which the small audience... enjoyed greatly. All the nuances of Chekhov's wonderful text came through as the cast weaved their way around the audience"

David Carey, Sydney Arts Guide, March 2015

Our second of the Experiments in text, The Seagull saw us collaborating with THE HOT BLOODed Theatre Company and The Rocks Pop Up Project. We rehearsed for four months, improvising physically between characters and developing a strong ensemble sense of this masterful play. We performed in a beautiful dis-used marble foyer in Sydney's historic 'The Rocks' precinct.

With Julian Pulvermacher, Cecilia Morrow, Jade Alex, Mitchell Bowker, Anthony White, Maxine Appel Cohen, Daniel Csutkai, Milan Pulvermacher, Ross Scott and Alison Bennett