About the company

the actor as creator

Hurrah Hurrah is a company dedicated to actor led, processes based theatre and live performance

We have a highly physical approach to developing work and a strong emphasis on the actor as creator. We have two main streams of work:

Experiments in Text

These are text based theatrical experiments, where we use different methods to create an experience for the audience. Deeply influenced by the work of Belgian Company tg STAN, we often (but not necessarily) work without a director to push ourselves to interrogate our work more deeply as an ensemble. The introduction of the audience forms part of our creative process rather than an end to rehearsals.

New Work

We create new work for performance through research and the practise of a highly physical ensemble. These works are marked by a long gestation period from research to initial development, performance and re-development.

We also dabble
occasionally in film

Recent reviews

"I haven’t been this thrilled by an ensemble of performers since I can remember"

Stevie Zipper | May 2015

"What Hurrah Hurrah do well is take the essence of the idea and play with its physical form to create committed, interesting characters with intensity and dimensions"

SOYP | Jane Simmons | May 2015


Alison Bennett

Actor & Creator

After completing a Bachelor of Performing Arts (Drama) at Monash, she went on to train at the Le Coq School of Theatre in Paris. Strongly influenced by the physical nature of her training and the Belgian Company tg STAN, she founded Hurrah Hurrah as a company dedicated to the interrogation of the role of the actor and the process of the ensemble.
Alison has worked as an actor in Australia, the UK and France. She performed in Hurrah Hurrah's first production 'Frenzy for Two' and is currently developing 'Trade' for the Freshworks season at The Old 505 in 2015. Other recent credits include Macondo's Clothesline (NIDA Independent), Blackrock (Long Walk Theatre), Troupe (Film commissioned by Bestival Festival UK) and DIG (Short Film, France). She is also a teacher and facilitator working at such institutions as Shopfront Youth Theatre, The Sydney Opera House, St Martin's Youth Arts Centre and Casula Powerhouse.

Associate Artists

Naomi Livingstone

Actor & Creator

Cheyne Fynn

Actor & Creator

Zoe Hu

Stage Manager